Thursday, December 29, 2016

Remind me... which one is predatory lending?

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  1. replication: posted on reddit r/libertarian on 12/30 20 points 72% upvoted 21 comments, 850 views to A/S; copied to IMGUR same day by thaddeusjd (19 pts 1234 views, 72 comments)and reposted to r/libertarianmeme by barton foley(99 pts, 96% upvoted) then reposted to r/libertarianhumor(10), r/anarchy(2) & r/blackflag(1) by postnationalist and recopied to imgur (129 views) and then to r/libertarian again by the warlockk (530 pts, 88% upvoted,86 comments)..


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